Modding Components

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Adding custom Components to Scrumbleship is a little involved, but by no means difficult.
A quick overview of the steps required:

  • Create the Component itself (see Sproxel)
  • Place all resulting 3mp files in "config/graphics/components"
  • Add the Component information to "config/text/components"
  • Add the Component's name to all language files in "config/language"


Step 1 -- Making the Component

First, you will obviously need to create the component. This will be done with Sproxel. All of ScrumbleShip's Components are made with Sproxel.
Wazubaba has prepared a video tutorial to using Sproxel, which can be found here.

One quick tip, if you open other ScrumbleShip Components in Sproxel, you can compare the rotation/orientation of an already established block to help set your own correctly.

When done with the creation of the Component, simply place any/all Components created in "config/graphics/components".

Step 2 -- The Components File

You will now need to add the Component information to "config/text/components". Each line in this file is a separate Component for the game, with the exception of Components that have variations, animations, or are part of a Multi-Block Component. Each bit of information on each line is delimited (separated) by a space.
For detailed information on what each attribute is and what purpose it serves, see How the Components File Works

Try to pick a line at or near the bottom, and if possible, choose numbers relatively higher than the official Components, just to keep them "separate" from the official Components.

Step 3 -- The Language File(s)

This is the final step. We will now name the Component as its name will appear in-game. To do this, edit all Language files found in "config/language". Each file is a list of every displayed string in the game in its respective language.

For our purposes, find the Components section of the file. This is marked as the single following line: 0 #ComStart
From here, you will start the line with the UID of your Component, followed by its name.

Note: This is the "pretty" version of your Components name; ie. how it will appear in-game.

Example: 777 MySexyAwesomeComponent

Repeat this for all Language files. Even if you do not know the proper translation, add it anyway (it can even be in English). Just so long as you put something. While this isn't technically necessary, it's encouraged to do so.

That's it! If all went well, boot up ScrumbleShip and your Component should be there!