How to Contact Dirkson and the ScrumbleShip Community

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If you'd like to get in touch with Dirkson, ScrumbleShip's creator, or speak to the friendly ScrumbleShip community, you have several options:

ScrumbleShip's IRC Channel1) The IRC channel, #scrumbleship, is generally populated day and night by knowledgeable, friendly people. You can jump on by clicking the IRC button on the left, or on your own IRC client.

ScrumbleShip's Forum2) The forums are also prowled by Dirkson and even more knowledgeable, friendly people than on the IRC channel.  Aside from questions and general banter, the forums are a place to share ships and mods.  Visit them by clicking the forum button at the the left or at the top of the screen, or clicking here.

ScrumbleShip's IndieDB page3) ScrumbleShip has an active page which features the latest pictures, videos, downloads, and news. Click the button to the left or click here to visit ScrumbleShip's IndieDB page.

Contact Dirkson4) And of course, you can always send Dirkson a message by clicking the red telephone to the left or at the top of the screen. 

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