Block needs

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Immediate needs

  • Replacement captain's terminal, with an obvious "front" and "top"
  • Replacement fighter terminal, with an obvious "front" and "top"
  • Molecule cracker. Uses electricity to split molecules into atoms, and to recombine them. Needs three variants - Open-and-empty, closed-and-full, and an animated working variant.
  • Block to be dropped when the player dies, containing some percentage of their voxels.

Eventual needs

  • Particle accelerator block for ripping apart atoms and reassembling them. Needs three variants - Open-and-empty, closed-and-full, and an animated working variant.
  • Block that slowly gathers hydrogen from space
  • Terminals
    • Replacement terminals
    • Each terminal should have an obvious "front" and "top"

  • Furniture
    • Lights
    • A flatter light, that'd fit in with the 'whipple' style hull

    • Cryopod
    • Could be visually improved, and simplified down to a single variation

  • Pipes
    • Need blocks for every possible junction, from a corner to a full 6 way.
    • The current 6-way junction needs to be open
  • Single block power generation
    • Radioisotope thermoelectric generator
    • One block, self contained, no moving parts. Produces a small amount of electricity once placed.

    • MicroFission
    • One block radioactive fuel to electricity converter

    • MicroFusion
    • One block hydrogen to electricity and helium converter

  • Custom, multi-block power generation
    • Steam control
    • Can use pipes to route steam around
      Can use existing pump to suck up water
      Needs a generator block - Converts steam to electricity
      Needs a boiler block - Converts heat and water to steam

    • Fission
    • Needs "Working Fuel" block, with control rods
      Needs variations for:

        Control rods Out
        Control rods partially inserted
        Control rods fully inserted

      This block converts radioactive fuel to heat.

    • Fusion
    • Needs "Hydrogen injector" block, to be placed on one side
      Needs 1/4th torus/donut-shaped block, for the reaction to take place in

        4 of them, placed together, should make a donus/torus
        These blocks will convert hydrogen to helium and heat
  • Custom, multi-block weapons
    • Laser
    • Laser emitter - Emits a laser beam
      Mirror - Used to bounce lasers around corners. Probably a copy of the 'angle' block would be ideal.
      Condensing lens - Turns the laser from a harmless 'diffuse' laser to a battle weapon.

    • Railgun
      Charging coils - Delivers charge to the rails
      Projectile - Might need variations with and without covering

    • Chemical
    • Barrel, thin - Much like a pipe
      Barrel block, solid - Like a pipe, but with solid sides like a block

        Partially empty (All stages)
        Full of bullets

      Breech, to attach magazine into, and to insert bullets into the barrel.
      Firing pin, to place behind bullets

  • Portable counter
    • Needs to be material colored
    • Would be cool if it had a "folded down" model too
  • Suit addons
    • New and interesting helmet designs
    • New suit patterns
    • New backpack clipons
    • New head variations
    • These may get used for subscription/patreon perks eventually
    • If they do, you automatically get one for life if you submitted it : )
  • Multi-blocks
    • These don't work in the engine yet, but eventually will be needed
    • 2x2x2 airlock, for large parties (Also needs multi-block animations, another technical challenge)
    • 2x1x1 door, for under-gravity use.
    • Cloning tank
      • For creating redshirts
      • Needs to have a tank to store clones. Needs to have variations for clones in various stages of clone construction
      • Needs to have a hopper to toss organic matter into