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Bleeding edge executables are frequently broken, frequently updated executables with all the newest, untested stuff in them, and are equivalent to other software project's "nightlies". Each Bleeding Edge is built against the current version of ScrumbleShip on the "Get" page.

Bleeding Edge access is limited to Deluxe users.


To apply a Bleeding Edge release, unzip the archive to the same directory that you 'installed' ScrumbleShip. When asked, tell it to overwrite any and all files. Your saves and options will always be safe, but changes to ScrumbleShip files will be overwritten by the upgrade.

Alternatively, you can unzip the bleeding edge zip, then drag its "scrumbleship" folder over the original "scrumbleship" folder, answering "yes" or "overwrite" to any questions it asks about files.

Make sure you apply all files with those found in the Bleeding Edge! It isn't always just a new binary, frequently asset files are added or modified!

Things to Know

With each full release of ScrumbleShip, one must download both the new full release, and the new main release's source code package. Why is that?

In order to keep Bleeding Edge releases more efficient, only the changed files since the last full release are included. Included with each Bleeding Edge release are compiled binaries for Lin64 and Win32 that reflect the new changes.

Let's look at an example:

Bleeding Edge #1
Contains new code for the heat engine, so only ScrumbleHeat.c is changed. Therefore, this Bleeding Edge contains just ScrumbleHeat.c and new binaries.

Bleeding Edge #2
This release contains a new component, so all related files are updated and changed, and ScrumbleHeat.c from the previous Bleeding Edge is included as well. Therefore, anyone updating to the current bleeding edge doesn't need Bleeding Edge #1, they can skip directly to #2

This trend repeats itself for every new bleeding edge, and resets after every full release. You need to download each new full release for Bleeding Edges to function correctly.

Here's the rule to remember: Bleeding Edge releases must be applied against the latest release of ScrumbleShip, but don't need previous Bleeding Edge releases.

Special Notes

Currently, supported platforms that don't have a binary in the bleeding edge are Lin32 and all forms of BSD. To use a bleeding edge on these platforms, you will need to grab a copy of the 'source' bundle, then apply the bleeding edge against the source, and build manually. Here's some instructions on how to do that, including a list of dependencies.

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