New site

Hi there! Pardon my dust while I redesign our website.

I'm currently working on the next version of ScrumbleShip. One of the facets of that will be an automatic downloader, updater, and launcher called ScrumbleLaunch. But in order to easily autheticate against our existing users, I needed to switch away from the old website framework.

And since I originally designed our website when smartphones were barely a thing, I figured it was a perfect time to redesign the whole thing. What do you think?

The old forums will be going away - If someone would like to create a fan forum, I'd be happy to link to it on the community page.

If you'd like to engage with the community, or see exactly what I'm working on right now head on over to our Discord channel and say hi!

Otherwise, work progresses on the next version of ScrumbleShip, code-named "ScrumbleShip-Nova". "Nova" is an obvious space pun, but it also means "new" in Esperanto, and "no go" in Spanish. We're going to try to be more Esperanto than Spanish. Below is a countdown to the next release. Red items are not done yet, yellow items are in-progress, and green items are already complete.

Once all the lights turn green, we launch! The big item on here is the Voxen Switchover. I am confident that I will get this list done before the end of 2019, and hopeful that I will be able to get it done in less than six months from March 2019.

  • New website
    • New CSS style
    • Convert resources to SVG
    • Create new backend for paypal purchases
    • Add new contact form
    • Update website text
    • Re-Add all old ScrumbleShip accounts
    • Switch paypal to "live" from "testing"
    • Add ScrumbleLaunch download links
  • ScrumbleLaunch
    • Port over old code from ScrumbleAuth/Get
      • Note: The old code contains a more-or-less perfectly functional server, which I should be able to copy with minor updates
    • Port over old code from ScrumbleAuth/Get
    • Write Simsecl, a library for authentication
    • Write ScrumbleLaunch client
      • Write code to create windows and buttons
      • Write authentication frontend
      • Write authentication backend
      • Update news code from old ScrumbleGet
    • Update code for ScrumbleAuth Server
  • Next ScrumbleShip build
    • Get project framework in place
    • Get project framework to build
    • Begin adding old ScrumbleShip code to new framework.
    • Create Osmia, a script that helps build software
    • Create Lob, an error handling library
    • Create Boksi, a library that pops up an error box
    • Create Dynload, a library that locates and uses some optional libraries.
    • Create Voxen, a new voxel engine based on Vulkan.
      • Get Voxen building.
      • Get Voxen building with ScrumbleShip.
      • Correctly determine desired graphics card
      • Correctly set up vulkan
      • Get a vertex list rendering to the screen
      • Handle resize events
      • Render voxels
      • Efficiently render voxels
      • Efficiently render distant voxels
      • Render material effects
    • Switch old code to Osmia
    • Switch old code to Lob
    • Switch old code to Boksi
    • Switch old code to Dynload
    • Switch old code to Voxen
    • Get ScrumbleShip cross-compiling for windows
      • Get Lob building for Windows
      • Get Boksi building for Windows
      • Get Dynload building for Windows
      • Get Voxen building for Windows
    • Switch NanoVG to vulkan rendering, or find new method of drawing lines
    • Switch threading model to openmp one-to-many style
    • Switch code to use graphene/Voxen math primitives
    • Adjust mining method to new method
    • Make at least one ship-to-ship weapon
    • Switch blocks to 32^3 versions
    • Switch block format
    • Potential items - These items need further research, and may be postponed if difficulties arise.
      • Potentially switch UI to nuklear-on-vulkan or similar
      • Potentially add Discord support to the ScrumbleShip in-game user chat
      • Potentially get ScrumbleShip cross-compiling for OSX. This requires MoltenVK, because Apple can't be bothered to adopt industry-wide standards.