WazuClan's Original First Community-Hosted Server Now Public

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WazuClan's Original First Community-Hosted Server Now Public

I am bad at keeping track of forums, so I'll keep it quick:

If any mods get added, I'll ensure to keep a list of them here or at least somewhere that is linked to from here.

Address is wazuclan.scrumbleship.com

For now, you can connect by running scrumbleship from commandline, and specifying the server address and username. From then on, you can run scrumble normally and connect to the wazuclan server.

scrumbleship wazuclan.scrumbleship.com johnqpublic

At first we were a bit private, but now we are in the stress-testing phase, so now it's fully public :D

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As a quick note, if you need to reach me, just do so through IRC, and I'll get back to you as soon as I see it :)

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Hey, I wanted to update on the server (like I said, I am terrible at keeping track of forums and utterly forgot about this thread lol).

We no longer have our VPS, but we may still one day host another server, so hopefully I'll remember this post and update it to contain the relevant info then \o/