ScrumbleShip's Official "ScrumbleMumble"

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ScrumbleShip's Official "ScrumbleMumble"

Howdy! A few days ago Dirkson made an official Mumble server for ScrumbleShip.

Port: default

I also modified an IRC/Mumble bot that will send messages between the two. For example, if someone says "hello" in Mumble chat, it will also be outputted in IRC, and vice versa.

Have fun everyone!

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How to connect?

dirkson dirkson's picture - Grab a mumble client and use the "" address Jacob listed.

Not many people on it most of the time, but it's connect to IRC, so any chat messages you send are heard by everyone.


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Awesome stuff, it's a pity there are only a few people there most of the time. :/

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