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PiranNinja Recycling & Shipyard Services Co.


I decided to create this thread as temporary placeholder, but soon I'll have more time to think about my company and lay out some more plans ;) Also, don't get too used to name as it can change anytime ;)

PiranNinja Recycling&Shipyard Company is a neutral firm focused on ship development and subsystems fabrication. Secondary, we will be recycling abandoned ships and structures for resources, used in our shipyard. It would decrease our demand for raw materials, at the same time making our mining operation smaller and cheaper. My plan is quite ambitious so I wouldn't be suprised to find it's parts unreal to recreate ingame. It goes something like this:

1. Acquire corvette sized ship, able to mine and eventualy to be converted into towboat/shipyard service unit (SSU)
2. Build "Genesis" - frigate sized ship with basic building bay, big enough to recreate and develop new SSU. One of Genesis boards (nod decided yet, preferrably starboard) would feature long scaffolding perpendicular to ship. It would be used to dock bigger ships for maintenance and as floating scaffolding to develop bigger projects, mentioned in point 3 ;) Also - getting a fleet of SSU and establishing mining/recycling operation on this point would be nice.
3. Using all Genesis capabilities build carrier class mothership to house full size shipyard, capable of building frigate sized ships in carriers bays. Additional bays will house recycling operations and foundries. Food production and ship servicing is also an option. At this point we would be happy to repair your ship, buy it from you or sell you one of many of our designs.

At the moment our crew consists of three scrumblers and building this ship would demand some external companies help, and hiring additional players. The SSU and Genesis prototypes would be developed in near future so await updates on this topic :) Our basic product for after building the mothership, "Piranha" corvette, is being developed at the moment (At the moment Mark III hull, used in "Piranha", is being designed and waits for next game version to be prototyped. Earlier versions were abandoned as we are afraid of inadequate fuel tank pretection)

I'll be happy to answer any questions you have and please await for futher updates on this thread :)
Thanks and happy scrumbling! :)

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Interesting ideas, Piranninja! Sounds pretty well thought out. Using salvage rather than raw materials you mine yourself could cut down on costs - or at least save you having to develop major, specialized mining operations. Would you buy scrap or even salvaged ships people would tow to you?


If only the price is good enough I would buy them, that's the plan :) Rare materials used in electronics and big amount of common materials used in hulls are too good oporunity to miss :) Uranium from reactors would be next in line to get salvaged. I'd like to recreate companies that dismantle airplanes and submarines - there is little that goes to waste :) Funny that you can buy Boeing 737 and sell all the parts of the plane getting more money than you spend buying whole machine :)

Also, it would be sometimes cheaper to sell a wreckage and buy new ship than to repair it :) Maybe I'd give a discount ? ;D


Ok so as I said, fun begins :) I prototyped hull for SSU, you can check it out here:

Share Ships Link!

Still WIP - got to think about airlock and RCS thrusters placement ;)

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Piranninja: That's a cool and functional looking ship! Looks like it'll be really good at latching onto larger vessels to push them around. What sort of engines does it have? It's a good thing the front will be mostly fuel, because hauling around large derelict vessels could get energy-intensive.

Oh, and here's a quick lesson on making HTML links. It's super easy and it will change your life! I lost 15 pounds!


Cool, thanks for link :) No engines yet, but I guess I will be limited only to those that have most oomph :P Hauling big vessels would be carried out by 2-3 SSU so it won't be so bad :) Really huge spaceships would be cut down to pieces with lazors before recycling so that's even easier for my SSU crew ;)

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@Piranninja: Ah, I see! Good idea. Work smarter, not harder!