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Personal Defense Force


The Personal Defense force is a massive conglomerate of defense contractors and agencies that have banded together under a common flag and a common leader in order to gain a better standing in the galaxy as more then just a "Band of thugs", or "Ruthless invaders". The truth ,however, is far different then the rumors go however, in reality it originated from a colony in the "Sol" system, one that was rich in raw materials and in manpower, but not so much in soil , so the primary source of income was industry, more specifically producing arms and munitions for any forces that are willing to pay for it, in the best interest of the colony of course. Always ahead on the technology market, and always steaming ahead in production, the PDF is a force to be reckoned with if you agitate its population

The leader of the PDF is known as "la guerre gardien" or rather "Warkeeper". Somehow, probably through advances in genetic research and in cloning technology, the public leader has been the same man, the same embodiment, since the beginning of the colony. He is known for his calculated approach to problems and "No BS" approach to everything. He is the head of research division, and the head of the weapons department, were massive amounts of cash and manpower is being imputed into. To keep an edge on the flowing market, of course.

Primary Colonies:

Zuhause: Located in a system known by this planets namesake, it is an Earth-like planet that is covered with a massive industrial complex, fed by the resources from several of its orbiting moons. Most of the industry on the planetside is known as "Green" industry, ones that don't produce very much pollution and high a high efficiency in terms of resources going in vs products going out. The atmosphere itself is relatively clean as well, as a majority of factories are automated and require little to no light to operate, and massive atmosphere scrubbing spires reach into the skies around the major industrial zones filtering out what pollution is produced.

Outside of the industrial zones are research complex's, although some reach into the sky in skycrapers, most sprawl underground in massive complex's that are often just as deep as the tallest skyscrapers on the planet, making most impervious to air assault if the need ever were to arise. These structures are fueled by a massive educational and research budget, one that is in itself fueled by the massive industry on the planet.

The population itself resides wherever it works, although it means most families are restricted to one industry, it also means that pollution from travelling and inefficiencies from separated population centers are removed, allowing most companies to run at unprecedented efficiency.

Nachbar: Located nearby Zuhause orbiting a gas giant, this planet is a polar opposite of Zuhause. A genetically modified planet that resembles Sugar Cane was released on this planet, one that within five years overtook the planets surface. The nutrient rich plant is actually a combination of two other plants, one that puts nitrogen in to the ground and another that uses it up, meaning the ground is only devoid in nutrients when the plant is harvested.

Several small cities and factories exist scattered over the planet, there only purpose being to harvest the plant and to further refine it into food that PDF can use. Excess food is sold off to foreign militaries and colonizing groups in a form known as "ProZ" that is a solid grey, flavorless block of pure calories and nutrients.

The fleet of the PDF is purely defensive in nature, with focus on massive shield generators and missile batteries. Huge stations orbit Zuhause, large fusion generators power multiple shield generators that individually would shield a dreadnought size ship but together provide multiple layers of defense when used in tandem. Several Capital ships also roam the system, focus on Kinetic batteries and large rail batteries as well as kenetic barries is prevalent among all of them. In most of these ships, the systems are heavily automated n the local level, so one or two men could do the jobs of several dozen men, meaning that the ships are usually only staffed with around 400 people, although they could house well over 3,000 if it was ever deemed necessary.

Also roaming around there space are super tankers, ones that are of dreadnought size but instead of weapons carry cargo instead. Focus on inefficiency is prevalent in the ship designs, where huge cargo containers are attached around a central core and engine set up.

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