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Not working?

Anyone else having problem's not being able to run, if I load it i'm in game for like 10 sec's then it closes it self, And if I use the bleeding Edge, I just get a black screen and have to force close it.

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I think I had this issue.
When on the black screen I just had to enter a Username and press the "enter" key then it worked fine.
Apparently it is a new form of protection to only allow people who read the forums to play the game....
Just kidding - It is a bug that Dirkson has not yet got around to fixing.

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Yeah I can also confirm the black screen just needing you to enter your name and pressing enter. When I figured it out I had an interesting user name for a while :)

dirkson dirkson's picture

Fixed in the latest bleeding edge : )

Sorry about that!

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The new welcome screen helps....
on the latest bleeding edge (Jul5-8pm) I seem to be in space and nothing else happens.
No ships, no blocks, can't move... nothing - just a static star scape.
Anyone else with this problem?

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Seems to be working now looks good.

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Do you know how you fixed this issue? Because I've had it for a while now and can't seem to fix it