The Kingdom of Talossa in Scrumbleship?

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The Ensorceler
The Kingdom of Talossa in Scrumbleship?

I would like to determine whether the scrumbleship forumites (you people reading this) would like to invite the populace of the Kingdom of Talossa to join the scrumbleship community. They are a sort of country in the US, which anyone can apply for dual citizenship in, with 217 citizens distributed throughout the world. As a fun-loving 'country' with their own language, culture, and system of government, I strongly suspect that many of them would enjoy scrumbleship, both as it is now, and throughout its development.
If we already have any Talossans amongst us, I would appreciate it very much for you to notify the other Talossans of the opinion expressed here, as the 15 day talossassistance program would take a while to get the message through.

For more information on the Talossans, go to

The Ensorceler

... If nobody has any input, I guess I'll go become a Talossan citizen so I can start a scrumbleship thread on their forums, since I'd intended to eventually anyways. If anyone thinks I should wait for scrumbleship to get some form of simulation going first, I'll still join, but won't make a dedicated thread for it yet.

As a side note, what on earth is general roleplay supposed to be? When you roleplay, isn't it usually kind of... I don't know, specific? The only thing I can think of that would fall under 'general' roleplay would be something like a Halloween party where people are dressed up as generic archetypes rather than specific things.

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Maybe they mean role play in general. As in all things role playing.

They sound like an interesting group.

Amazing a person can start a Kingdom in their bedroom.

More people who know about scrumbleship the better I would guess.

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"kingdom in their bedroom"....... no comment

The Ensorceler

Started. Started in his bedroom. It's basically a non-exclusionary club that spans the globe... but you can have whatever opinion you want, I guess.

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If you are keen to join I say go for it.
Any thing that encourages people to overlook differences to connect (even virtual connections) and have fun is great.

Anything that helps advertise scrumbleship and help dirk is great too.

Let us know how they respond.