IRC down?

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IRC down?

I get a chrome message about the irc webpage being unsafe to visit. Something about lacking https


probably expired certificate. nothing to worry about

Commander Keen

I've been getting '502 Bad Gateway' for about a week now. Is it just me or is it down for other people as well?

Darth Billy

Its down for me too........

Commander Keen

Seems like nobody else is missing it :(

Koliup Koliup's picture

The IRC channel and server still exist, guys. The server is, and the channel is #scrumbleship on that same server.
You can connect to it from your browser by following the following steps:
1. Go to
2. Click the 'server' button. A server write-in thing should appear.
3. In the 'Server' write-in, write in everything between the quotation marks: "".
4. Put whatever you like into the 'Nick' write-in. Then in the 'Channel' write-in put in everything between the quotation marks: "#scrumbleship"
5. Press 'Connect'.
6. You're in.

Commander Keen

Huh, and here I thought the Bad Gateway message meant the whole IRC server was down. Good to hear it's still up!

Do people still hang out there?

Koliup Koliup's picture

Why not have a gander for yourself?

Although I am a little hurt that you think I wouldn't report if the IRC was dead, in any of the applicable meanings of the word.

Commander Keen

I asked because I did spend a couple of days on the IRC and haven't seen a single sign of activity, nor did anyone reply to anything I said. Maybe I'm in the wrong timezone, being based in Eastern Europe, but even then not seeing a single message in an entire day is alarming.

I haven't seen anything from Dirkson in a long time either. Nobody's bothered to fix the IRC link here on the forums, or at least put a temporary explanation that it's being worked on. For all I know, he could be dead in the most literal sense. I certainly hope that's not true and that's he's doing well, but there seems to be zero reliable ways to contact him, if he's still even in contact with this community.