How are things going?

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How are things going?

Oh I my god I bought this game 4 years and 2 weeks ago, time to start playing again I guess. How are things going with the game?


I just hit 4 years as well, where did the time go?!

Everything going ok Dirkson? I haven't heard anything in a while. :(

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The last couple months I've been dealing with the unexpected death of a friend of mine, and development has been very slow as a result. The number of things that needs to be done when someones dies is just unreal, and I've been the only person with a good back involved in her estate, so I've ended up moving the vast majority of objects she owned myself.

However, that work has come to a close this past week, and I'm refocusing on ScrumbleShip now. I'm deeply excited by upcoming changes. I've purchased a new device for video recording, which should make videos and livestreams look much better. Sometime this month, I'll release a bleeding edge version with some large backend changes I've been working on. Sometime in November, the next full version should be ready.

This page will still be kept accurate: Countdown to 0.35



Oh dang, sorry for your loss Dirkson. Positive thoughts go out to you!