Galactic Federation of Peaceful Nations and Coalitions

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Galactic Federation of Peaceful Nations and Coalitions

Hello, Scrumblers!
With the rise of totalarian and raider nations (One of which is my own) I have decided to found a Federation of peaceful nations among the galaxy, to fight the oppression.
//useless fluff//
It's been 230 years since the first space faring ships were constructed, billions of people leaving their planet Earth to live amongst the stars. Since then resources and technological advancement have been the main goals of all space faring people, forming groups to further this goal. With every great nation, there will always be one to oppose, ever since massive space colonies were being set up to facilitate the members of these nations, some of them turned to a... darker side, turning to stealing from those who make their living honestly, taking materials, technological advancement and even turning survivors of these raids into slaves.

The remaining pure nations have chosen to start a Galactic Federation, to protect their borders and everything contained within. Many nations have joined, all abiding by the many laws of the Federation. Run by a democratic system, the leader of all nations vote, to have new laws made, or have old ones removed, to vote nations out (Although this can be overruled if one fourth or more of the Federations nations are against it), and to vote on diplomacy.
\\fluff ended\\

The Federation is a Federation (Go figure) of nations that are against totalarian and oppressive nations like 'Buy 'n' Large' and the Hann-Arr Sovereignty, exiling those nations from their borders. All Nations, Coalitions, Clans, Tribes, Alliances, Corporations and Nomad Fleets are allowed to join the Federation, provided they follow its rules, failure to do this results in permanent exile.
Permanent Laws:
All that are part of the Federation must abide by all laws.
All exiled that enter Federation borders will be destroyed on sight.
Refusing ship inspection will result in a 100Cr fine.
Civilian ships must stay within Federation borders, all Civilians exiting Federation borders are not guaranteed protection by Federation military.
Military ships must inform a higher ranking officer if they are planning on leaving Federation Borders, failure to do so will result in only 40% insurance if items are destroyed, stolen or otherwise taken from your possession.
Any attack on Civilian or Military ships without provocation will result in a 5000Cr fine.
Murder of non-clones will result in permanent exile. All Clones killed results in a 100Cr fine for each clone killed.

I do not own this Federation in any way, i may control what nations are part of the Federation, if Dirkson doesn't make it possible to have multiple people controlling. It's planned to be like the Galactic Federation in Galactic Civilizations, where each empire that is part of the Federation gets to vote, although more members doesn't give you extra voting points.

EDIT: Some spelling fixes.

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Are you sure this isn't more of a representative government?

The rules sound adequate for now, but I assume the fines are subject to change. Not in the sense that the Federation would not make them pay, but that if credits are not that valuable the fines would go up.

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Yea, the fines are just more placeholders now. Assuming a Credit is worth the average Australian/American dollar.

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I see you made an enemy of me, you assume since the HS is an empire that we are automatically evil?

We're more into technological advancement and showing off our big guns rather than all out conquest...

Anyway I like your idea for a federation of nations to fight a common enemy, Idk how many will accept your laws though, its a bit like the European Union and Britain hating on everything but is still a part of it.

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Nah, not me. I'm sticking to my raider clan! I just made this because there needs to be some large federation that nations can join, and work together peacefuly.

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I figured as much, actually. It wouldn't make much sense for you to lead a coalition dedicated to destroying your faction. But the need for one was there, and now we have one. With seats open.

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At most, i'll just be regulating who is in and who is not, and changing things to go along with votes, unless dirkson makes the voting thing reality.

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so DAKR can join?