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Forum game discussion topic

The_Ensorceler suggested to do a forum game on the IRC a few days ago - as has been discussed in the past as well I think. I have no clue in what form that would be, but I just wanted to make this topic to say I strongly support this idea!

The Ensorceler

It's not dead yet! I've got some more writing to do first, but the game should be ready soon. Link to the current rules is here:
Comments are open, so feel free to leave notes or suggestions, but remember they aren't done yet.

Additionally, it seems kind of a waste to just have me talk about my thing here, so if anyone else wants to run a game, on my system or another, post about it! I'm sure there are a lot of people who'd join, whatever the game.

EDIT: Obviously, I never finished those rules.

The Ensorceler

Opening a fifth edition D&D game around new years. Looking for 4-6 players, custom world. Basically anything goes, as long as it is well balanced with other party members. Player characters will start at level one.


Oo, sounds interesting. Just have a couple questions first. Is this going to be done over irc/forum/text or voice chat like ventrilo/teamspeak? Also, how receptive are you to newcomers? I've dabbled a little in 4th edition, but haven't even seen 5th edition yet. I've always been interested in actually playing though.

The Ensorceler

I don't mind newcomers, of any kind, really (to d&d, to role playing, to active participation on this here forum, whatever). There are drawbacks to running it on both the forum (slower) and irc (difficult to use a map), so I haven't decided yet.


Maybe you could use a program like to actually play the game on with IRC (which you could stream perhaps if anyone on this sites IRC wants to watch), then do the equivelent to a dwarf fortress story after each session to post on the forum?