Employer Needed.

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Employer Needed.

Greetings, I am 004GP and I am looking for employment.

I am the 4th unit of the GP generation type android.
After my home planet was blown up, am I flying in an old mining tug.
Now I am trying to find a ''real'' job.

If I see how manny goverments are started I wonder, how are you going to find enough people?
So I am not going to make my own organisation, but I will join one.

I accept any job you guys have: Battleship commander, captain of a transpoorter/tanker, miner, low life redshirt, chief engineer of your flagship, fighter pilot, ect.

There is only one thing to be acounted for: payment.

I will start with a normal payment but, for every perk I get, hanger space, own room, larger ship, ect, I lower my payment. If I have enough, I don't require anything at all.

I am highly skilled with engineering tasks and ship building.
Capeble of close combat.
Skilled in commanding different types of operations.
Able to agree with low life job and near death situations.
Much experience with diplomacy (fine English language will then be used.)

i know the game is far from finished, but I like to get these type of things done before I need them.
Also, should we make a new subforum in the role playing for this?


I wos wondering if i should make a new forum in the roleplaying such as jobs, then have a employers and employees section


A fine plan that is Indeed my good sir.