D.S.K.R conglomeration.

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D.S.K.R conglomeration.

The founders of this conglomeration were originally from a dark part of the galaxy, a planet named Kerbin. They had just discovered space flight and where a peaceful planet. But one day a dark shadow fell over the planet. ships launched into space would go missing and the wrecks would be found smashed and ripped as if physics itself had collapsed in on itself. One day the leaders of this planet discovered the reason... A small refueling butter craft was orbiting the planet when suddenly the crew felt the ship shape and saw as the engines exploded in a massive fireball, one of them was doing a spacewalk repairing essential systems and saw.... he managed to escape and fall back to Kerbin deploying his orbital parachutes. when they found him he had gone insane but he kept repeating one word. "Kraken". After many years the Kerbals discovered what caused this it was a deep space kraken capable of destroying the laws of physics in a small area. a long war then came with many many Kerbals being lost but that is a story for another time. Eventually the kraken was defeated and its body was hidden on a moon of Jool (a large gas giant). the inhabitants of the system eventually discovered other races and became inter-galactic but that again is a story for another time. A group of scientists pilots and merchants banded together to form the DSKR conglomeration. they knew there were more krakens out there and the deep space kraken researching conglomeration was created to find study and "terminate" all krakens.
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that is a basic history of our clan. we are a peaceful clan BUT if anything sides with the kraken we shall destroy them. more information will be coming as i can care to write it. if you want to join merely write down in the comments " The kraken compels you" and specify and job that you would like to have that is all.
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Lead scientist:
Sky (whyistheskyblue)
crisply corp sovereignty



crispy leader

very intersting we believe this devlish deep space creather WE call the space squid needs to be terminated at all cost we wish to befriend your group. p.s. my clans called crisply corp sovereignty.