Deep-Space Raider Coalition

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Deep-Space Raider Coalition

Detecting Transmission
Source: Unknown
Sender: Deep-Spa-a [ERRO-ERROR D-DETEC^_0%!ECTED]
Full System Override In Progress
Playing Intercepted Message

We, we are the Deep-Space Raider Coalition, by now, your ship should be on an intercept course to our facilities. All non-vital systems have been disabled.

The Deep-Space Raider Coalition is a Coalition of individual Raiders, Raider Alliances and lone miners that have joined us. The Coalition was founded 30 years ago, in a sector of space run by raiders, pirates and the scum of the galaxy. One person, Fleet-Admiral Drago, runs the Dictatorship which is the Coalition, united all who listened to his grand message of glory if they joined him, leading to 30 years of industrial revolution among the sector, which was several decades, maybe centuries behind everyone else.

Members of the Coalition live by raiding, as our name implies. Lone miners, weak ships and fleets are main targets for the Coalition, scavenging anything from their ships that benefits us. There are three sectors, "Mining", "Raiders" and "Industry". You, and anyone else onboard your ship and other ships that have recieved this message will be offered a chance to join one of three sectors, if you refuse, your lives are forfeit and lose all value that they currently and will ever hold, being subject to whatever punishments any member of the coalition sees fit to enforce upon you, ranging from being thrown out the airlock, to being cut apart by railguns.

What do you choose?

Terminal Self Destructing, please stand back.

P.S. What do you think of the whole message thing, intercepted by a ship and stuff, and the text itself?

Docking Procedures Engaged
Ship Docked
Playing Pre-Recorded Message

So, you've chosen to join us 'ave you? Well, this 'ere 'tis what you'll need tah know.
We 'ave rules, any corp needs rules, ya'know? Anyway, 'eres the rules.
Prime Directive:
Work for the better of fellow Coalition Members and the Coalition itself.
Do not provoke fellow Coalition Members, or damage Coalition property. Severe Punishments apply.
If you detect an assualt on Coalition property or ships, you must intercept, nomatter your current duty. Punishments Apply. Fleet Admiral assigned jobs overrule.
Not a rule, but 'ave fun' yah hear? Failure to follow this rule are responded with extremely severe punishments, you will be subjected to multiple partys.

Territorial Rules.
All areas with Coalition facilities, or a Coalition flagship are claimed by the Coalition.
Core Coalition Territories are non-accessable by any none-Coalition, allies will be warned up to a maximum of three times, before being disabled and towed out. Non-allies will be swiftly destroyed.
All Non-Allied ships entering Coalition owned Territory will be warned to leave up to 1 time, if they do not turn to leave they will be destroyed. Trade Vessels are exempt from this rule.

Fleet/Military Directives.
For a ship to be designated a Flagship, the owner of said ship must forward a request to the Fleet-Admiral, the ship will be inspected and if deemed worthy, will be designated a flagship. The captain of a Flagship as full control over the fleet it is assigned to. If a flagship is under attack, it is priority to destroy the ships attacking the Flagship, unless it is recieving minimal damage.
All Coalition members in the vicinity of a war, must move to aid the war efforts, unless their ship is not combat ready.
If a Mining vessel in the Vicinity of a Coalition combat ship, or any ship with sufficient armor, is under attack, they are required to destroy the ship attacking the Mining Vessel, or atleast allow it to escape.
Fleets must not attack enemy territory, unless it is guaranteed to severly impede them, unless commanded otherwise by the Fleet-Admiral, or any Military Generals.
All coalition member ranks are chosen by the Fleet Admiral, members of sufficient rank can promote people to a maximum of 1 rank lower than them if there is sufficient reason to.
Ranks are as follows.
Major General (Second in Command)
Cannon Fodder

Following Sect Ranks do not hold any command over eachother, only the Major General and Fleet Admiral have control over the command figures of these Sects.
Mining Director (Full control over all mining facilities and ships)
Facility Director (Holds full control over his designated Facility, and all ships that work there, but not ones that travel there)

Military General

Coalition Industrial Director
Following Ranks hold the same rank
:Refinery Director:Construction Director:
:Refinery Worker:Constructor:

General Ship Requirements:
Water Electrolysis Device
Small Armament (Atleast one forward mounted weapon)
Ship design similar to DSRC faction ships (To be determined) (Ofcourse this doesn't apply if you don't use a custom ship)
DSRC marking or symbol (Also To be determined)

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Wow, that's pretty confrontational - join us or die? You, my friend, will have many enemies. ;D So you're going the pirate route. Should be interesting when multiplayer rolls around!

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The additions are an improvement - it seems like you've put some thought into this. Raider/pirate types might really enjoy being in your faction.


I will have ideal ships for you :D

Commander Keen

I already do. The Pandora has the firepower to cut the enemy into pieces and enough cargo space to carry the debris away =P

Anyway, Microsol will sell its products and provide services to absolutely anyone, pirates included. I wonder if the 'join or die' still applies here, I wouldn't like fighting a potential customer :D

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"Trade vessels need not apply."

Out of context, but it works. They stay away from you, you stay away from them, meet for bussiness deals and go on your way.

Drago55577 Drago55577's picture

Yea, i like trading, so ofcourse i'm not gonna blow them up (Unless they enter core territories)
Need more applications :p

In space no one can hear you burn

Commander Keen

The problem here may be that they won't be as much "trade vessels" as "military vessels for sale" :)

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what if you were a trade milltary mercs. ???

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Oh and the Coalition isn't "Join us or die" that was more, we raid you and steal your stuff, so you can now join us or die. If you don't join us/ally us, you're possible raid targets, trade targets and fun targets.

Note: Fun is Fiery.Uranium.N(ano)-bombs

In space no one can hear you burn

The Ensorceler

No, no, no... F is for fires that burn down the whole town, U is for uranium... bombs!, N is for no survi-vors, down here in the deep blue sea.

For anyone that gets it, I didn't google the lyrics.

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Hahaha... Very light take on a very not-light offer.