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As someone who talks to Dirkson just about every day or two, I can assure everyone here: it is not dead, nor at any risk of becoming so.

There's an optimization thing involving threading and stuff which unfortunately I don't understand well enough to comment on :(, a new block *may* be getting added(see my flywheel block) which will potentially lead to some more interesting stuff we can do in the block-modding scene thanks to some chats in IRC during its creation, and more.

As I say quite often in my posts, the absolute BEST way to find out what's going on is to simply come idle on IRC with all of us :)
I made a post that explains IRC a bit for the folks who don't really know anything about it, which covers basic usage, etiquette, and a link to the webchat. You can find it here.

Also, stephenkall: I agree, some form of public post should be made, and I will definitely suggest in IRC to make one soon :)


Wazubaba, we know it isn't dead. At least I do. I never thought it was.

But as many people said before, IRC is a good channel for a very restricted number of people. I live in a different timezone and I work 12 hours a day. I really can't afford to be online most of this time - and I would certainly get fired if I got caught on IRC during my worktime (I don't think my job's proxy would even allow me to connect to any sort of IRC server). I believe only unemployed people living within 1 or 2 meridians from dirkson's timezone would be able to benefit from IRC - and still, they would need to have some spare time to actually talk. The dynamic of a chat is slow paced by its own nature.
What most backers want is a way to quickly access an address, check which updates have been made since the last check and bail out to do other stuff. And even if I don't care too much about those things, I can't blame who does! Transparency with the investors is fundamental in any kind of project. Check out some other random kickstarter projects to feel what I'm talking about. Check their comments. The most criticized thing in ANY crowdfunded project is the lack of updates. Bear with me: You deliberately GAVE your money to someone who made a lot of promises to you, without any warranty that those promises are gonna get fulfilled at all and, if they are, when it is going to happen. It *IS* a tense situation. It can also define the fate of the whole project itself - even Notch among his many million dollars couldn't bear the fanbase hate when he started delivering way too less than he had committed to.

To say in other words: For most people, it doesn't matter at all if dirkson is coding 30 thousand lines a day and releasing new versions of ScrumbleShip every week or so. If this information is not blinking in red over his website front page, people just don't care enough to dig around and find about it. Marketing is the soul of this business, and unfortunately ScrumbleShip is lacking in this area.

Also, I've learned in my own way that even hating those pesky management tasks, having a minimum of them going along the project does help not only organizing time frames but also gives you some feedback about if you're doing as good as you thought you were. Believe me, this thing can tweak your development in many degrees.

I know dirkson is a crazy man, and I told him that myself few years ago. He's an awesome programmer and a really dedicated person, I KNOW that if anyone can put this game together, it is dirkson. But I'll insist that he does need someone to help him - and by help I don't mean a programmer, I mean a project manager. And by project manager I don't mean a boss, but an employee. I don't mean someone to push him to do his job, but someone who can recalculate delivery dates, post status reports to the website and show him his own performance indicators. You don't even need to hire someone fulltime. Plenty PMO offices have professionals for hire by hour. He can hire few dozen hours and have a status report meeting every friday. That would definitely improve both the relationship between dirkson and his backers and the tracking of his development.

Darth Billy

Im still here

Commander Keen

If Scrumbleship was a phoenix, it would be in the ashes stage right now. Hopefully it's not too long till the rebirth.

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I love that metaphor, Commander Keen - I've started using "Phoenix" as the codeword for the next release. Nezumi will draw some ScrumblePhoenix art to commemorate.

Stephenkall brings up some excellent points, and I agree with a lot of them. 2014 contained a heavy bout of depression for me, and that really destroyed productivity for a large section of the year. I've started taking something, which has helped immensely - No more breaking down crying in the middle of the day for no reason whatsoever. I'll go into more detail about what I went through with the 0.24 release - I figure it's best to show some obvious positive steps forward when I talk about it, and what better way to do that than a full release of ScrumbleShip?

But I did go ahead and write up a roadmap to 0.24, so you guys can follow along. Click the "dev" button up there!


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Hey Dirkson,
Great to hear that you have gotten some help for depression.
Depression can be a pretty heavy monkey on your back, and unless you have gone through it is can be really hard to understand the debilitating nature of it. It can totally destroy your ability to function with no obvious reason.
There are some really great things that work really well along side the medication to help you move beyond it and manage it better. If you want any suggestions feel free to ask (PM if it is easier) I have personal and professional experience in this area.

I bet that as you talk about the positive steps that occur on a daily basis, no matter how small, that will help with your frame of mind also. Then as we all get excited about the progress it will continue to build a positive momentum.

While it is probably weird to say it, we are all here for you should you need anything.


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Very true and well spoken.

I too am glad for Dirkson and his perseverance over such a debilitating disorder. I have dealt with it in my past for years, and it is no easy task to overcome. That said, I would like to extend my support, and best wishes for a better 2015 for Dirkson.

To the new year of Dirkson, Scrumbleship, all of us - and all the fun and anticipation we shall have! :)

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