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Da Orkz

Would anybody want to RP the Orkz from 40k?

As a faction we'd be dedicated to being Orky, violence, and personal wealth acquisition; in that order. Organization would be pretty simple; everyone does what they want most of the time, though piracy("freebooting") would be encouraged, with the organization in general trying to build up its war machine.

The one exception is when the whole faction goes to war, which is done when the Warboss feels it's time for a WAAAAAGH!, which amounts to him telling all orks everywhere to go kill a particular thing or set of things. The faction's combat doctrine will be based on material superiority, logistical flexibility, and extreme disregard for personal safety.

I myself love the idea of capturing ships, retrofitting them, then painting it red and welding spikes on it to make it look more orky, the rest is just an excuse to do that. If it appeals to other people though I think it could be a fun way to stir things up. I foresee entertaining confrontations with the Borg.


Oh yeah, we like Orkz. Not that I'm a big clan guy but I'd love to do a raid or two.

The Ensorceler

That does seem like quite an orky point of view. I do wonder if there might be a bit of competition between warbosses for control of a waaagh though.


It wouldn't be the Orks without infighting, but we'd probably need to keep things together at I guess the "Warboss level" so the faction isn't too weak, but then again we'll try to keep it kind of democratic in peacetime. I don't see a problem with something like two Ork pirates fighting over a tempting freighter that they both spot though, we'll file that under healthy competition.

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ooooh id love to sign up for some lovely raiding and piracy oh and one last thing "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH!" that is all lol