Crash on windows 7

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Crash on windows 7

I apologize if this is not the way to ask for help. But, when I try to run the game it loads me into the game and then crashes moments later.
EDIT:I don't know how to add an attachment for the logs.
EDIT: Thanks to the person below me, I found pastebin. Here are the logs.

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You can use something like pastebin, copy and paste the log files and post a link to them.

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Excellent! Thanks for the logs, Loady. Sorry you're having trouble.

Your issue looks pretty unusual. I went ahead and upgraded you to a "deluxe" user, so we can test out the latest code - Can you try out the latest bleeding edge, and if it still has the same crash, post the logs of that crash for me?



Hi there!

I have the same Problem. 0.3.4 crashes after joining the server,
the bleeding edge release doesn't crash but i cannot move or
do anything.

Thank You.


I still have this problem in 0.30.5. Is there anything i can do?