Cannot play singleplayer

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Cannot play singleplayer

My laptop doesn't currently have internet, and this school PC is... well, a school PC, so...

But yeah, I set singleplayer to 1 in the config, and then the game refuses to load. There is nothing in the saves file at all.

Windows 10, requirements met yada yada the actual problem is that i can't make a new game.

Info: Loading BSC Save
*ERR: Could not open save file
Info: Generating asteroid for player
Info: Starting threading system
!OS!:Access Violation
!OS!:Address: 0x77A9EB23
!OS!:Code: 0xC0000005
!OS!:Flags: 0x00000000

Seriously? I tried the command line, and that was for multiplayer only. I remember having played singleplayer, but then I couldn't do it once multiplayer came along.

Did Dirkson replace singleplayer with multiplayer? 'cause it sure as hell looks like it.

So, how do I make a new "BSC Save?"