Another Year Down

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Another Year Down

Yes, it is that special day again: my 5 year anniversary here in the ScrumbleShip community.

I suppose I shouldn't have written my heart out one year ago because I am not quite sure what to say here... Some quick updates: I will be graduating with my associate's degree at the end of this year (just barely after I turn 18), and I still attribute my success to finding this game. Like I said last year, I began to join more IRC channels after I found #scrumbleship, and I actually got to meet some very good IRC friends earlier this year on a trip to Detroit (I am in NJ, it was a two-hour flight out of Philly). It's funny how you can know someone for 5 years and never meet them in person, but they were great. I am very fortunate that I found you guys and them, and I hope that someday all of us in the ScrumbleShip community will get to meet up, share stories, and hang out :)

Some of the other "originals," like Wazubaba, Insolent, and Walloping, have all hit their 5-year mark (darn, they beat me!), and Oebele, thatrussiangamer, and I am sure a few others are following very close behind. A huge congrats are due to you guys as well, especially those who I still keep in touch with (looking at you Wazubaba), I hope you are all doing well IRL and are checking on our beloved game often! If you aren't already, stop into IRC so we can catch up!

And with that, I will be sitting at home one year from now writing another anniversary post, thinking again about how even the smallest things can have the biggest impact on your life.