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The Amura ¥ Orisa Empire



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General Information

The ‘Amura ¥ Orisa Empire’is an open democratic empire aimed at providing members and member systems with military protection (in cases of PvP enabled servers), resources (e.g. fuel and air), station facilities (e.g. shipyards) and governmental funding amongst other things.

As it stands the Amura ¥ Orisa Empire will resemble a democratic system reminiscent of modern era politics which has been adapted to suit a space age, system spanning empire (This system of government is detailed lower down the page)

(Note that it will NOT be fully democratic empire at the start as it would be impractical trying to organise fleets, stations, etc while having to change leaders, policy’s, etc).

The Amura ¥ Orisa Empire currently takes a neutral stance towards all presently known factions, clans, companies, etc and are open to negotiations into avenues of commerce and co-operation provided this will not clash with our core ideals and policy’s.



The Amura ¥ Orisa Empirewas formed from a splinter group of terrans from old Earth who had set to the stars to start a new empire away from the tyranny of the old world, fleeing the ever enveloping veil of darkness and war befalling their home system.

With heavy hearts thousands of individuals took to ships now referred to as ‘The Ark Ships’ with promise of a new life and opportunities of having a free galactic council, and peace from war at last.

And so it came to be that these space faring vessels carrying people in stasis stopped in a system, now known as ‘Orimatu’ and setup the foundations of their new empire. There they planned to build and expand and one day reclaim all of humanity as one singular, unified order under the protection of the empire.

And so their story begins….


Detailed Description of Government and Empire Mechanics

The government used in the Amura ¥ Orisa Empire is structured as follows:

The Leader – An unelected leader of the empire that takes into account everyone’s views and weighs them all accordingly, and plans courses of action to deal with suggestions and wants. Power is slightly above that of the high council.

(This isn’t a person per say, but in fact a computer entity however since this isn’t possible in SC it will be a voting / discussion page on the forum, representing the whole of the empire more fairly)

High Council – Elected officials that control majority of the governments functions. Currently the following positions are available: Head of Council, Master of Commence, Master of War, Master of Development, Master of Sustainability, and Ambassador.

Members – Are able to vote and put forward ideas to the high council and in sufficient numbers are capable of direct impact on the government and empire.

Factions & Faction Members – Collective groups of individuals who share common goals (which might be to build ships, or setup massive mining industry’s) who band together to carry a ‘heavier’ say in the running of the government. (Think of it like a workers union)


Laws & Policy’s


These are the core fundamentals of the Amura ¥ Orisa Empire.

· War may not be declared without majority empire support.

· No one is tax exempt, however taxes (if any) will be dependent on final game mechanics

For purposes of clarity taxes will be used in the following ways:

-Acquisition of Materials – To construct ships, stations, maintain fuel stores, etc.

-Governmental Grants – To fund research and ambitious ship design projects.

-Payment of Non-AI Workers – Self explanatory

-Trade and Diplomacy – Self explanatory

· All are equal. Murders of both pure human and clone are treated equally.

· Government is elected by the members of the empire, elections are held annually (Time Periods TBD) or at majority request of the empire.

· All members reserve the right to leave the empire however, assets that are considered of belonging to the empire e.g. a ship created with majority help
from the empire will be sought after upon leaving the empire or you will be expected to compensated for it.

· The empire maintains a neutral stance towards all new sentient life forms and encountered empires, etc while negotiations / evaluations ensue.

· Groups of individuals who share ideals are allowed to and encouraged to create factions. Factions provide a stronger say in governmental issues and
debates while also, make the government less rigid.

· All people are allowed to comment, debate and place requests on the government which will be assessed and if deemed of a certain level, tackled.

· Freedom of speech, expression and (accepted) actions are a fundamental right of all citizens.

· All members are provided access to basic needs within the empire while the situation permits e.g. access to air, water and basic food HOWEVER fuel, etc may be dependent on final game mechanics.

· Monopolies are not permitted within the empire, but companies holding vast assets, etc is permitted.

· All members and factions are required to, if deemed necessary partake in intergalactic war for the good of the empire (dependent on ship ability).

· Dedication to the preservation of human life, any member of the empire is under the sanction of the empire only, and will only ever face punishment from
the empire.

Relating to Members

Members should abide by the following laws and policies or else face the listed punishment.

· No murdering of clones or any form of sentient life without good reason e.g. self defence

Carries a punishment of fines or stasis (30 minutes – 1 day) dependent on circumstance

· No manipulation of markets, other people or government.

Carries a punishment of fines or stasis (30 minutes – 1 day) dependent on circumstance

· No forced labour or imprisonment of persons.

Carries a punishment of fines or stasis (30 minutes – 1 day) dependent on circumstance

· Payment of taxes

Carries a punishment of fines or stasis (30 minutes) dependent on circumstance

· Piracy is forbidden within empire controlled space

Carries a punishment of fines or stasis (1 day+) dependent on circumstance

· Smuggling is forbidden within empire controlled space

Carries a punishment of fines or stasis (10+ minutes) dependent on circumstance plus removal of goods

Relating to Government

The following must be followed by the government and government appointed officials.

· Corruption is forbidden this includes many forms some examples include:

- Bribery

- Backdoor dealings

- ‘Friends’

· Revilement of empire secrets such as ship blueprints, ship locations, weaknesses, etc. IS FORBIDDEN!

· Unjustified policies or policies created without council or majority support is forbidden.

Relating to Factions & Faction Members

The following must be followed by any factions and the associated members of said faction.

· Factions may start inter faction wars PROVIDED THAT:

- It does not put at risk the empire.

- It is not describable as a full scale war. E.g. a scuffle between faction A and B over a mining area wouldn’t be considered a war.

- It does not put at risk or involve party’s that do not wish to be a part of the hostility’s

Failure to do so results in temporary expulsion from the empire (1 Week) or stasis of faction members (1 day) at the choice of the faction.

· Factions have to abide by the core empire principles.

Failure to do so results in permanent expulsion from the empire (1 month – Permanent) or extended stasis (2 days – 1 week)

· Factions may not start wars with parties outside the empire or empires jurisdiction without prior permission of the superior council or circumstances allowing for hostilities e.g. a system invasion.

Relating to People in Empire Occupied Space

The following must be followed by any persons who wish to inhabit empire space.

· Same as normal members of the empire, except are not required to pay taxes however will be charged additionally for services or we will not be compelled to help or provide services for said persons.

· Players with either large war orinted ships or WMD's will be required to Inform the sector of your presence. Additionally in PvP enabled systems ships of this nature are NOT permitted near stations or other infastructure unless, you allow yourself to be boarded by a crew of marines to monitor you while you interact. You may however request from a distance station services which will be supplied to you via a transporter.


Plan of Government

The present plan for this empires government is as follows:

1. Temporary fixed government at beginning while systems, ships and stations are constructed and in working order.

2. Phasing out of old government via voting and full introduction of faction system.

3. Assessment of enforceable rules and regulations, rewriting / clarifying existing rules and addition of more rules.

4. Development of government positions and functions, expansion of government body and faction system.

5. Normal state of affairs.


Plan of Action

The plan of action for this empire is as follows:

1. Setup in a (Non-PvP) system and begin construction of a large space station with large areas of space reserved for fuel, air and water.

2. Expand the station to contain vast warehouses of materials for construction of ships and future empire expansion. Creation of larger shipyards.

3. Creation of exploration fleets and transporters, shipyards in use by players to create personal warships.

4. When sufficient numbers of players have functioning ships, switch production to AI controlled ships to patrol system.

5. Dominance of the system inhabited.

6. Prepare ships to move into a PvP system and repeat steps 1, 5.

7. Setup transport and supply lines.

8. TBD


Present Members and Positions

ADAVOL – Temporary Government

Place Holder Empire.

Empire name is subject to change.

Empire laws, plan of action, etc are subject to change based on final game mechanics e.g. taxes.

More laws, policies, etc will be added when decided upon. More history / backstory / lore will be done available on popular request but I would request members have an input on the overall lore, especially faction lore.


On a side note, HTML why do you hate me so? I spend awhile making things look nice and you say no :(

Ryulord Ryulord's picture

At first I thought "Oh yet another faction..." but then started to read and realize we finally have a well thought out stable and just looking empire! Sign me up. Oh and could you explain the Council positions a bit more? Like what each is a master of exactly besides that fancy name?
P.S. I'm a decent programmer so I should be helpful in establishing early-game auomated infrastructure and the like.


@ Ryulord I will gladly explain the council positions :)

Basically I envisage that players will vote for someone to become head of the council (basically head of the government) who then in turn chooses players to fulfil various roles within the government (this is again voted for with player support, I’m thinking people having to make public their intention to want to become an official on an area of the forum and allow players to question them, etc).

This then means that elected members are chosen fairly by the players (Additional consideration will be given to people who show that they are dedicated to the empire and all its rules, and/or have exceptional skills in the area they want to apply to e.g. the area of trade for master of commence).

The split of the different 'master' (It is a temporary name in case I think of something better xD) positions is so one person can't directly destabilise all of the empire and no one person gets to have all the power.

These now elected officials are each assigned to a different aspect of the running of the empire with currently established roles as follows:

-Head of Council, election of other officials, can place demands / requests on other areas of government, relay of information between empire government and members, a final say in general issues the government / members may have during play.

-Master of Commence, manages the trade within the empire and any taxes / money the empire has.

-Master of War, manages the construction and design of warships and the deployment of ships in systems, leads any expeditionary / invasion forces.

-Master of Development, looks into system resources and locations, organises and plans the construction of infrastructure e.g stations, shipyards, etc. Carries out research into new concepts (expansion content, ship efficiency, etc), organises government grants to players.

-Master of Sustainability, ensures that each system is protected, monitors system requirements and organises supply lines, manages resources within the empire e.g. fuel reserves on stations, food, water, etc

-Ambassador, the negotiator of the empire who will deal with matters of diplomacy and relay the information back to the head of the council. (This takes the stresses off rest the of government positions)

*Edited original post to include missed out 'Head of Council' post*


Just in case anyone’s wondering why have these positions at all, they came about from the following line of thinking.

The original government plan was to have 3 positions: The leader, the Head of the Council and the Ambassador.

With the Head of the Council having all the power but, after looking at my own government system (United Kingdom's) I realised this just couldn't be the case and here’s why:

-The government does NOT manage the matters of war directly, this is done through the use of military personnel trained in the arts of war, charged with protecting their country. (Master of War)

-Government do NOT manage the sustainability of each individual area under their jurisdiction, this is done through the use of councils with focus on specifically making sure an area functions efficiently e.g. garbage collection. (Master of Sustainability)

-Taxes and money management is dealt with by a person dedicated to that area. (Master of Commence)

-The Master of Development came about to take the stress of managing things such as station construction and ship research from the Head of Council position.

insolent insolent's picture

Interesting setup, ADAVOL! You've clearly put a lot of thought into this. It looks good, and you'll probably be able to make this work in-game, some tweaking and growing pains notwithstanding.

My only suggestion would be to disallow factional disputes. You seem to think if you distinguish between all-out "war" and minor disputes, you can prevent disunity from ripping your empire apart - however, I think it'll be all too easy for this permissiveness of minor bush wars to breed a series of reprisals and, ultimately, total civil war. So, my suggestion to you is to disallow intra-empire military disputes.

Oh, a second suggestion - why force people to take on boarders when near a station in a non-PvP system? It will be a pain in the arse for your empire to administer that requirement, ensuring you always have someone to order a company of marines onto players' ships, and it will put people visiting your systems off. Perhaps it's justified in a PvP system where they could attack your station, however. But not in non-PvP systems.

Other than those two relatively minor suggestions, I think you've got a decent-sounding system there. It will be interesting to see how it pans out in-game.


@insolent Ah yes good points, I will re-evaluate the faction system rules and regulations, thanks for pointing that out :) and I will clarify that the boarding action mentioned will only be carried out in PvP systems (What I meant).