Countdown to 0.35

It's that time again! We're coming up close on a release, so here's a countdown of the features and bugfixes left to go. This release is going to introduce asteroid mining, and is going to remove the ability to place blocks without having the appropriate materials in your inventory.

I'll update this page as I finish items. Once every item is crossed off, we release!

Major Features

  • Convert backend from colored voxel to a fully materials-based system
  • Implement shiny new lighting system
  • Change the 'mode' system to utilize physical in-game objects
  • Redo the HUD
  • Improve block selection screen
  • Create mining torch
  • Convert to 64 bit windows release
  • Create physically realistic asteroid generator
  • Improve block rotation selection
  • Render fewer objects that aren't actually visible
  • Create voxel inventory
    • Mining laser should add blocks to inventory
    • Should have an inventory screen
    • Should display on the q-screen
    • Inventory should send to/from server
  • Send block damage to/from the server
  • Create GUIs to change voxel types at foundries and shop terminals
  • Force block creation to spend voxels
  • Rework backend to support frontend performance.
  • Create system to authenticate usernames against SimpleChits

Minor Features

  • Add Sunlight
  • Add Flashlight
  • Improve font rendering speed
  • Use locally cached copies of ships when possible
  • Improve sparkle effects
  • Gui sliders should click-and-drag
  • 2D graphics overhaul to improve FPS
  • Implement on-screen indication of nearby objects
  • Add some temporary method of selecting nearby objects for targetting
  • Add more types of asteroids
  • Have server place new asteroids as players explore


  • Some animations are too fast
  • Numerous bugs introduced by the lighting system
  • Numerous bugs introduced by the materials-switchover
  • Distant objects flicker
  • Freevoxels are sometimes the wrong material
  • Sound system takes too much ram
  • Looped sounds don't always loop correctly
  • Fonts dance slightly
  • 2d Drawing overhaul bugs
    • Gui scaling doesn't work
    • Build mode paper slips are incorrectly rendered
    • Voxel inventory screen has odd positions
    • Statistics screen needs redoing
    • Materials scroll oddly
  • Placing blocks on a separate ship from the logged in player causes a crash
  • Nearby objects degrade too much when occlusion culled
  • Mining torch sound doesn't loop properly
  • Users can exceed their max voxels
  • Some components have odd materials in them
  • Ghost blocks do not render as ghosts
  • Player models unlit
  • Freevoxels unlit
  • Background can be out of sync with ships
  • Transparent voxels can over-render
  • Username screen doesn't render
  • Blinking cursor causes text to offset
  • Reticle not visible on top of other voxels
  • Players render with large voxels
  • Q-papers should function as inventory, not queue.
  • Transparent voxels has some rendering inconsistencies.
  • A few advanced keypresses still depend on control instead of alt.
  • The mining torch right click can instantly remove blocks
  • The spawn platform vanishes, can't be traveled to
  • Tutorial needs updating
  • Sunlight/flashlights don't shine correctly when the ship is rotated
  • OSX build needs updating
  • Some materials render oddly on windows
  • Removing a block doesn't remove it.
  • Direction of thrust is a couple degrees off


  • We need to build a new Spawn space station.


  • Large voxels are only ever lit by the sun
  • Clicking vert sliders doesn't work
  • Very distant ships do not render as a single voxel
  • Jitter can occur when downloading ships
  • Sun has no shadow
  • Authenticate usernames using ScrumbleGet/Auth

In my mind, this release marks the change from a cool spaceship building toy to a fully fledged, if incomplete, game. I'm incredibly excited to put this release out there, and can't wait to see everyone mining asteroids and constructing spaceships out of the materials.



I can't wait!

I am an actual cat.