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4 Years

Howdy everyone,

Four years ago today, I was searching the internet for a sandbox game set in space and stumbled upon ScrumbleShip. I thought it looks completely awesome, so I snagged the demo and managed to join the IRC chat to ask how the heck do I open the airlock doors, only to be told I can't in the demo. Dirkson hooked me up with an account on the condition that I pay him back someday, which I agreed was fair and promised to do so (I would later sign up for monthly Patreon payments, so I hope we are even Dirk).

For the days and years leading up to this day, I found myself in a community which I really enjoy being a part of. Heck, finding ScrumbleShip lead to me figuring out my life... Those of you who have been around for a long time know that the original IRC channel was on FreeNode. I found myself joining more and more channels on FreeNode and meeting a lot of cool new people who have, similarly to Dirkson, taken me under their wing and have always been there when I needed them most. With everyone's guidance and life-stories, I managed to excel at an incredible pace mentally. Dirkson really inspired me to get into C-style languages, and I eventually settled with C++. By the time I was 15, I was really proficient with the language, and somehow learned the web languages (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP) along the way. These skills allowed me to get a job at a local IT company, which I couldn't be happier at. I am even leaving high school two years early so that I can go full time at my local community college (majoring in Computer Science/Information Technology) and get my college degree the year I should be getting my high school diploma. How cool is that?

Who would have guessed that my boredom one summer day would lead to a series of life-changing events? Again, I can't stress how proud I am to be a part of this community, especially for four years. I've seen the community becoming more and more involved in the game development process, and Dirkson make incredible progress with the game (multiplayer, heat simulation, even flying!). I'll be around in IRC until I die or the world ends somehow. I really can't wait to see ScrumbleShip in its final form, and I hope you'll stick around like I have so you can watch it grow!


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Screenshot for the history books:

Dirkson's "Gopher"

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Wazubaba reporting in! At 4 years 2 weeks today :)
I was randomly hunting for something to do one day on alternativeto.net and stumbled upon Scrumble Ship.

I don't usually get on irc's for these things but I was struck with awe by Dirkson's vision, and wanted to try to scrumble. At first I thought it was textured blocks being displaced somehow, due to my background in modding minetest, but I soon learned the errors of my ways ^^

It's been a wild ride, and scrumble is getting closer every single day. We've all met up and become great friends too.

I'll be around on irc until the internet itself dies!

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History books tax:

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I found scrumbleship (I can't remember how) a while ago. I think it's had a substantial impact on my life; I'd be glad to call all of you fellow irc goers my friends.
(also, FIRST :D)

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Can't believe I have been following this for over 3 years....?
Time is too distorted.
I came across it looking for minecraft like games set in space.
I think it looks awesome.
I will keep following it for years to come.

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wow...3 years 3 weeks. has is really been this long?


3 years 10 months, which is about as long as /r/basebuildinggames has been going. This was one of the first games mentioned on there I think!

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4 years and 5 months. I've come and gone, but I've always come back. ScrumbleShip - and the people who've made this community what it is - will always hold a special place in my heart. You guys rock, and I'll always be glad that I virtually met you all. I'm in this until the "end" - be it the end of my life, or the end of the world.

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another four year old scrumbler here, it has been quite some time, i remember the kickstarter. its been so long!

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I've never really been that active here but i'm at 4 years and 8 months.


Got me curious. Apparently I'm here for 4 years and 4 months. At least I beat Jacob :)

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All you fancy 4 year people, still have 3 months myself XD

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4 years 2 months


Four years now.

I may not have posted more than a couple of times on these forums, but I have been checking this site frequently this entire time.

I intend to continue doing so, watching this project, for another four years and then some.

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Same here, 3 years and 10 months

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I may have fallen into the habit of lurking but I still visit from time to time. :)
Always looking forward to progress.


4 years and 4 months here!

Guys, I just realized D is the 4th letter of the english alphabet. Dirkson's name begins with D. I have been a member for 4 years, 4 months. 4-4 which means D-D. Dirkson's also a "D"eveloper. "D"ikson "D"eveloper which is abbreviated DD. I think the illuminati may control scrumbleship.



Member for
4 years 10 months here :)


4 years 5 months...

Darth Billy

4 years 6 months


4 years 2 months, i returned!!!


5 years 2 months. I think I log in once every few months lol.


5 years 1 month
look at these youngsters with their 4 year accounts thinking they're all that :P


5 years one month, hello fellow veteran! ^^

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five years 4 months reporting in, still around even now, nice to see other oldies still around

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4 years and 10 months
I check in once and a while still :)

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Checking in once again.
6 years 4 months

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5 years and 1 weeks \o/

Someone at the university didn't believe that I wrote FXAA so many years ago. So I showed them the credits :D

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