State of the Game

For the past year of my life, I have devoted myself full time to making the most realistic space combat simulator the world has ever known.

A year ago, this was pushing the boundaries of our engine:

Angle 1

Now, this is:

S.S. Queen Mary Ann - Top down angle

In the past year ScrumbleShip has gone from a barely functional tech demo to something much more.

We've begun to simulate personal interaction in space with handheld lasers, suits, suit oxygen, suit energy, reaction mass and health.

We've improved the visual look of the game by adding hundreds of blocks, adding animations, creating a lighting system, adding a HUD, and increasing the render distance by a factor of ten.

We've added interactive doors, airlocks, switchable lights, clamps, and many other interactive blocks.

We've grown a community and set up a website with pre-orders, a forum, a wiki, a dev blog, bleeding edge snapshot access, and a bug tracker.

We've added sounds and music to the game.

We've developed working builds for Windows, Linux, and are starting to have the first prototype native Mac builds.

We've implemented damage by selectively removing voxels to expose the inner workings of any object that happens to be under fire.

We've added a heat engine, unique among 3d games, that transfers heat and melts surrounding blocks based on real life thermal science.

We've worked with other developers to fix graphics card issues and to get a functional voxel editor for our community.


David A Wheeler's "SlocCount" tells me that I've written about 16,000 lines of code in the past year. For an average C program, it estimates that this would take one person 3.7 years to code, and cost a company around $500,000usd to create. So by its measure, I'm 2.7 years ahead of schedule and a half a million under budget!

That's what we did in our first year. I wonder where we'll be next year.


Wazubaba Wazubaba's picture

And this is only the start, just wait till it really takes off ;)

ZeroKnight ZeroKnight's picture

That's outstanding. I knew you worked hard, but 3.7 years of work in only one? God damn. 4-5 people and $500K to make this? Just shows what one dedicated person really can perform when they pursue something they really want to do :)

Absolutely astonishing work, Dirkson. Keep it up, and you will seriously have created one of the best space games of all time.

Jacob843 Jacob843's picture

O.o AMAZING! Keep up the work Dirkson

Dirkson's "Gopher"

lewism333 lewism333's picture

Dirkson, you are a MACHINE! That much work in so little time and for so little cost? You're a miracle worker.

Count yourself +1 excited Scotsman waiting to see how far you can go.

Good luck,