Spreading good cheer!

HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas!

Dirkson here, helping to spread a little Christmas Cheer! I've got 100 copies of ScrumbleShip in my toy bag, and I'll be giving them out until I run out or December 25th rolls around.

Hug someone you care about and get two free copies of ScrumbleShip - One for you, and one to give as a gift. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Print out (Or draw your own!) a ScrumbleShip Christmas banner.
  2. Find someone you care about.
  3. Hug 'em, hold up the sign, and snap a photo.
  4. Upload the photo to our handy dandy system. You can choose whether other people can see.
  5. Get a a copy of ScrumbleShip for you, and one to give as a gift!

It might take me a couple of days to send out all the emails - I'm going to be manually checking each entry, to make sure that someone doesn't try to cheat the system by uploading pictures of feet or something. I'll try to get them all out before Christmas day, though!

One entry per person, please. Public photos will stick around for a couple weeks after Christmas, then vanish.


P.S. Want to make a Hanukkah, Saturnalia, or Flying Spaghetti monster version of the Christmas banner? Send it to me and I'll offer it alongside what we've got now!

Jacob843 Jacob843's picture

Well, I hugged my cat and submitted it.... Don't know if it will count or not :D

Dirkson's "Gopher"


lol I hugged my dog :D!


D: i sent mine in the morning, i cant wait


Thanks for this! Being from another country, and with the current economical problems, i couldn't spend any money at gaming. Thanks again! :D

By the way, give those kitties some Christmas love!


Well Dirkson, this promotional seems to work ;-) Quite a few new members as it seems. Are you putting a lot of effort in to promoting this?


Cool idea, just submited ;)


I submitted one of me and my kids, had to hand draw a banner and it's not exactly like te one you posted as the kids wanted me to make it their way, hope that is okay!


Well, i didn't used the banner, exactly. More like a Scrumbleshipmas hand draw colored card.