The Space Between Spaces


ScrumbleShip constantly throws things at me that I don't expect.

For example I recently included some code that hid many voxels that the player could not see. To check if this code worked, I had to implement a way to fly through walls. A few short lines of code later and I'm punching F10 and sailing through a nearby wall.

Much to my surprise, the code had worked perfectly. Even more to my surprise, that meant that all of the "solid" walls in scrumbleship were now entirely hollow when viewed from the interior. This strangely beautiful nether-space immediately struck me as being worthy of a screenshot or two.


The positive upshot of this and other work I've been doing is that the game is faster, and the high-resolution draw distance is greatly improved. I'm pushing to have a new release some time around July 15th, so watch for that.

The game has changed a considerable amount in the intervening time, with new blocks, a brand new HUD, and new methods of block placement.

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