ScrumbleShip gears up for release

After months of planning, artwork, coding, and obsessive optimization, ScrumbleShip is finally gearing up for a pre-alpha release on Friday, October 21st.

This release will be a basic block-building game - You'll be able to construct the spaceship of your dreams out of meter-sized blocks. The pre-alpha will be available free of charge from under a creative commons license.


  • Full Newtonian movement system, with optional inertial dampening or simplified mode.
  • Two methods of block placing, traditional and empty-space placement.
  • Nearly 100 separate components, each lovingly rendered in chunky, 8-bit style voxels.
  • Full lighting system with colored lights.
  • Random asteroid creation with procedurally generated caves, based on real-life asteroids.
  • Dozens of separate materials that each component may be constructed out of, including steel, copper, gold, and of course, butter.

Between now and then our three person dev team will be hard at work with performance and gameplay optimizations. I've switched our rations from bread and water to bread and copious amounts of black coffee for the final push.

Our work doesn't stop with the pre-alpha release. Soon you will be able to simulate your ship, then battle it against other player's ships. The future is exciting, but now I have to get back to my basement lair to code!



Thanks, now i only need to bookmark one page :D