Roadmap to 0.22

With multiple players being able to connect to the server and build, we're in the home stretch for our 0.22 Muliplayer release. I've compiled a list of items that need to be finished (Or postponed) before our release:


  • Fix final remaining major bug
  • Allow users to request a new asteroid/ship on the server
  • Get the client to switch ships automatically
  • Make ships move in server ram
  • Get multiple ships displaying on the server
  • Get multiple ships moving on the server
  • Investigate heat system for errors
  • Fix block alignment on new flashlight
  • Allow users to specify which server they'd like to connect to
  • Work out some method of singleplayer
  • Disable building in free space
  • Get clients moving smoothly between location updates.
  • Fix server bug that results in phantom users
  • Fix ALL CAPS chat input system
  • Display chat
  • Add in "Disconnected from server" message.
  • Get "Use" events sending across network
  • Ensure that both the client and server don't have obvious buffer overflows

Postponed to 0.23

  • Ask Nezumi to create a chat box
  • Put fuel gauge in upper right, chat box in lower right


  • Get Launcher working using windows-only gui code
  • Fix up launcher
  • Have launcher run ScrumbleShip with username and password for server login


  • Create IdentServer
  • Needs curl, enet, and time support


  • Set up mac build environment
  • Update mac build
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Just waiting, this update will be awesome!

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amazing Can't wait !!!!!!!