Roadmap to 0.14

0.14 was the first Alpha release of ScrumbleShip, and was the first release to be sold on the site!



  • Get large blocks rendering with textures
  • Make language selection screen accessible from the main screen
  • Make small weapons fire intuitive to use
  • Make voxel damage all block types possible
  • Update object detection to voxels, not blocks
  • Move Parsing to a separate thread
  • Add crosshair to game
  • Correct Language section
  • Add BR portuguese translation
  • Fix Options Screen
    • Add volume controls to options screen
    • Add Reticle disabling option
  • Get sounds playing appropriately
    • Get breathing sound responding to damage level
    • Get heartbeat sound responding to damage level
    • Suit propulsion sound
    • Laser sound
    • Hard/soft block placement noises
    • Airlock dilation noise
    • Get music playing appropriately
  • Asteroids
    • Get more physically correct asteroids generating
    • Get correct asteroid materials into the game
    • Get types of asteroids using the correct materials
    • Further differentiate asteroid types via caves and surface features using the asteroid types
    • Apply impact craters to large asteroids
  • Make sure all builds are building correctly
    • Linux 32 bit
    • Linux 64 bit
    • Windows
    • MacOS
    • Source


  • Rendering performance is horrible. Reduce to "Poor".
  • The movement code is in the same thread as the rendering code, causing movement lag
  • Sometimes the suit jets don't turn off like they should after braking
  • Airlocks and doors are always solid
  • Only display large blocks when they're visible
  • Frustum culling is culling some blocks before they get off the edge of the screen
  • Moving around too much results in vanishing blocks
  • Windows version starts as a small window the first time
  • Some block rotations (Specifically 1- rotations) have voxel affect artifacts
  • Win 7 64 bit amd cpu has issues
  • Linux mouse moves CRAZY
  • Frustum culling is a little off
  • Block placement sometimes doesn't see voxels correctly


  • We need buttons for the website
  • Doors need handles on both sides
  • One of closed door's handles is incorrectly colored