Pre-Alpha Release!

After 18 hours of straight work, I present a working pre-alpha build of ScrumbleShip!

Don't expect it to work well until later in the week, and don't expect it to work on your laptop at all, but give it a try all the same:

ScrumbleShip Pre-Alpha 0.10 Windows

ScrumbleShip Pre-Alpha 0.10 Linux

I'll do a wider-reaching release in a few days, once I've gotten a few of the bugs worked out.

In other news I spoke to my lawyer today - He believes he can get our license agreement written within 2-3 weeks, which is about perfect for when I'll have an alpha build ready.



Works on my laptop, at least in as much as it launches and you can fly around and place blocks. However the screen size isn't configurable and as a result a part of the GUI is clipped off screen. I am at 1280x800 resolution by the way. Seems like it has promise and I'm very interested to see where you take it from here.