Will ScrumbleShip have...


Yes! For the 1.0 version of the game, planets will be simple gravity wells, and entering them will result in certain doom for ships. I intend to create a post-1.0 expansion focusing on automatically generated planets, including procedurally generated alien plant life, animals, playable intelligent beings, and cities. Basically, bigger than most games!


Kind of. I intend to research and create a system of magnetic fields, which will be able to push magnetic objects (Such as missiles, or kinetic projectiles) away from impacting the ship. These shields may also contain plasma, which will help to diffuse incoming laser strikes, and potentially provide an interesting weapon.

A persistent universe?

Yes! Each solar system will be a privately held solar system, and should be more or less persistent over time.

FTL travel?

Yes! Travel from system to system will be accomplished via a jump drive for large ships, or a warp gate for smaller ships. This is mostly a concession to fun - I have yet to hear of a potentially viable method of FTL in our universe.

The ability to carry around a planetoid's worth of blocks in your pocket?

No! Each block in ScrumbleShip will take up real physical space somewhere - Either in space, inside an asteroid, or inside your ship's hull. You'll still have easy access to all blocks you've harvested, through an intuitive hold interface.

Transparent voxels?

We've got 'em now!


Yes, with other players.


Yes, this will be a focal point of the game.

Artificial gravity?

Kind of! There will be no "gravity blocks", but inertia will be modeled for player characters. So players and AI Redshirts will experience gravity under acceleration, such as when an engine fires or when a section of hull spins.

Liquid simulation?

Kind of! I intend to do a simple form of liquid sloshing inside of closed spaces, when under acceleration.

Heat simulation?

We already do!

Impact simulation?

Yes! Look for this in version 0.25+.

Organic ships?

We already do! Roughly 50% of the blocks are available, and they already heal damage in real time.

Plant-based organic ships?


Crystalline ships?


How Accurate is ScrumbleShip's...

Heat Simulation

Somewhat! ScrumbleShip's heat simulation is sped up 1,000 times from reality in most cases, as a concession to fun. However, the simulation is based on real-world data, and seems to mostly conform to the laws of thermodynamics, only gaining and losing fractions of a degree due to rounding errors.

Will ScrumbleShip be on...

Windows 32 bit

Already is!

Linux 32 bit

Already is!

Linux 64 bit

Already is!


Yes, as soon as possible. We've currently got Mac builds being tested in the wild.

Windows 64 bit

Yes, eventually. Until then, the 32 bit version works great.


Probably eventually. Steam has really turned around and started pushing the gaming industry forward by pushing the right to return software, and pushing linux support. They are incredibly expensive for the services they render, but do provide access to the largest gaming market.


We already are!


Almost certainly.


We already did! The money from the kickstarter has helped ScrumbleShip immeasurably.

Humble Indie Bundle?



When do you do full releases?

They get released about once monthly, "when they're done". I usually try to get them out around the 15th of the month, but that date is very fluid.

When do you do bleeding edge releases?

Depending on what I'm working on, between once a week and several times per day. Sometimes large changes render the game unplayable until they're finished, and several days may pass between bleeding edges. Other times I may be doing a lot of small changes, or bug fixes, and bleeding edges may be released every few hours.

Why is the player so short?

He's not! In microgravity, keeping your legs "below" you makes no sense. First off, there's no real below to keep them, even if ScrumbleShip does define an arbitrary "up" to make moving around the ship easier. Secondly, keeping your legs below you would take time and effort without any benefits. Thus, it's better to think of your character as two meters(blocks) LONG, rather than two meters tall. The legs drag behind, and can be scrunched up to fit into one cubic meter, just like your legs can.

What do you use for version control?

Vim's persistent undo, our bleeding edge releases, and we recently added git. Between the three methods it becomes trivial to undo almost anything. If you'd like direct access to the git repo, please contact dirkson - Otherwise, snapshots are available on the dev page.