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Sometimes the most boring of images can hide a lot of exciting developments.

For example, although a static image can't capture it, both the player and the ship to the left are traveling at slightly different speeds relative to the solar system they're in. So both ship movement and solar systems are at least partially implemented.

The ugly white triangle in the center is the first 2D object using new-style rendering I've been able to produce. Switching to this new style of 2D rendering will help performance issues for some rare people, but more importantly allow the game to function on the open source linux drivers and Mac OSX.


Of course, there's still a few problems to solve. The object detection clearly has issues with the new code - We're embedded in a block! And I'm not entirely sure why the 2D triangle is rendering behind some of the voxels, I'll need to sort that one out too.

In other news, the holiday cheer contest is going along swimmingly - Over 80% of the codes we're giving out are already spoken for! I was down with the flu for most this week so there's a large backlog, but I should be giving out keys en-masse this weekend - Just in time for Christmas! I'll write up a postmortem article about it next Friday, summarizing what I learned.

Between sickness, moving preparations, and holidays, my release schedule has definitely suffered - I've definitely missed my usual 15th of the month release. Still, the features I'm working on are definitely exciting, and we're still aiming to have something out in December - Look for it around the 31st!

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"This is the Recon team to the USS Blingonauth We identified movement. I repeat, we identified movement."


Can't wait for the next release :)


Damn fine work Dirkson!


Hey dirk?
When ship movement gets implemented, will the voxels move voxel-by-voxel, or will it move really smoothly?
-thanks :)

dirkson dirkson's picture

Ark - Lucky I found this comment, I don't normally find comments people attach to older things.

The movement is partially implemented already, and seems pretty smooth.There's a certain amount of jerkiness on distant objects on less-powerful computers, but that'll decrease with time.