Countdown to 0.23

We're in the home stretch for 0.23! Here's the remaining handful of items I'd like to get done before release. Once everything gets crossed out, we release!


  • Get level of detail system ready
  • Figure out how many cores each computer has
  • Fix "ScrumbleShip doesn't close on windows" bug.
  • Have game run threads equal to number of cores
  • Fix heat system bug
  • Freeze user during server load
  • Detect and disallow null ships in client and server
  • Fix occasional mouselook stutters
  • Re-implement F2 backend


  • Add new music
  • Make music play more often


  • Bundle libraries with linux download

Mac Support

  • Set up mac build environment on neighbor's computer
  • Update mac build


  • Get ipv6 support
  • Switch site to https/SSL

Slightly after 0.23:


  • Get launcher gui created
  • Implement first-time-authentication protocol
  • Implement GameServer/Second-time authentication protocol


  • Make AuthServer authenticate against website
  • Create and send Authchits
  • Implement LevelDB for storing user data
  • Get AuthServer sending ScrumbleShip to players
Feralcus Feralcus's picture

So out of curiosity will all those bio parts that are mods now be included in the new version or will we have to wait a little while longer for those?

Ryulord Ryulord's picture

I'm guessing they won't be included in this next update. There are user-made blocks that Dirkson said he'd add that are over a year old now and still haven't been thrown in with an update. Blocks aren't really his concern right now. He's focusing more on getting the game to run efficiently and with fewer bugs, which he's doing an awesome job of with this update in particular. Though I'm super anxious to see Psyrek's organic parts implemented as well.

guestaccess guestaccess's picture

one step closer to 1.0 yay! good luck!


to beta 1.0 :P

moreirapenna moreirapenna's picture

Way to go! I love new updates.