0.18.0 Changelog

Here's the changelog for 0.18. Notable changes are compressed saves, reduced lag, a few new blocks, and explosions.

Adjusted how polygons are drawn.
Added explosion prototype via control+F2.
Added ZeroKnight's compressed save file patch.
Fixed distance bug with explosions.
Made explosions vary in color.
Made explosions vanish after a while.
Added explosion effect to laser strike.
Fixed several memory bugs with the explosion system.
Added fade effect to explosions.
Darkened Select screen (Q) background.
Small fix for texture sizes
Added (hidden) option to scale explosion size.
Added (hidden) option to stop explosion bounces.
Right clicking in info mode now copies rotation.
Adjusted draw distance algorithm to try to peg framerate at 30fps.
Applied more framerate tweaks.
Fixed german language file slightly.
Improved draw distance while dynamically adjusting FPS.
Fixed lighting bug with very bright areas of ships.
Made ScrumbleShip give up unused cpu resources.
Fixed several small bugs.
Added several small blocks.
Added the start of a categorization system for blocks.
Removed debug output
Added torpedo terminal.
Added first aid kit animation.
Added sounds for various object usages.
Made first aid kit work.
Added function to the small locker.
Added table.
Fixed rotation on table.
Fixed rotation on first aid locker.