0.15 Releases!

After far too much time, ScrumbleShip is updating! Today's update is 0.15, and boy is it a big one.

WhaleShark with Antialiasing

Major highlights include a new lighting system, a new caching system, doubled draw distance, improved frame rate, dozens of new blocks, easier placement, a full HUD, a statistics screen, improved loading, and more stability and performance improvements than I can count. Seriously, I lost track. I need to keep better notes.

Click here to grab the demo!


We're also starting a new release Schedule - Rather than working towards a list of features, we're going to release once per month, as close to the 15th as we can manage.

The future of ScrumbleShip looks bright indeed, with code and voxel model contributions coming in from users several times per week.

Want to play? You can grab the demo or pre-order the full game on the "Get" page. Click here!


P.S. Curious about the changes? Here is a list of, at my best estimate, half the changes in the latest version of ScrumbleShip:

  • Fixed too many tiny bugs to count.
  • Performance tweaks for several blocks.
  • Added edge blocks.
  • Added thin edge blocks.
  • Added ability to enter new ship name via Captain's terminal.
  • Added ability to clear cache by pressing F12.
  • Fixed purple voxels inside wireless wire node.
  • Fixed problems with damage and caching.
  • Reworked fpsfixer solution.
  • Removed old fps smoothing solution.
  • Removed sections of Parse that weren't working correctly.
  • Fixed graphics initialization error.
  • Made cache and lighting save and load.
  • Upped the low res block presets.
  • Improved cache by culling hidden voxels.
  • Improved collision detection.
  • Made player location save with ships.
  • Fixed several errors relating to the parse mutex.
  • Upped maximum number of lights.
  • Made voxel damage refresh the cache.
  • Added caching.
  • Added explosive bolts.
  • Fixed connector.
  • Added in Wazubaba's new lights.
  • Streamlined code in several places.
  • Made new lighting apply to large blocks.
  • Fixed some key lighting bugs.
  • New lighting engine.
  • Added Makefile to the bleeding edge.
  • Fixed many bugs in the block rotation algorithms.
  • Improved block automatic rotation, particularly for thinner pieces.
  • Randomized the edge "I don't know what to place" option.
  • Fixed several small behavior glitches with the edge auto rotations.
  • Added lung blocks.
  • Added automatic selection of ship corners pieces.
  • Added several new blocks.
  • Added "Doctor".
  • Increased size of "huge" asteroid.
  • Added Statistics screen.
  • Fixed memory issues with text loading.
  • Fixed memory issues with music playing.
  • Fixed several small memory leaks.
  • Fixed issue with dynamic damage allocation.
  • Fixed massive overallocation of memory. (Down to ~200MB from over 800MB)
  • Added several untranslated options to translations.
  • Added Ginkgobitter's updated german translation.
  • Fixed reticle's memory issues.
  • Made reticle faster.
  • Made parsing faster.
  • New hud display of currently selected block info.
  • Adjusted allocation process.
  • Added factory blocks, with random rotation.
  • Added mostly functional gauge.
  • Added suit refill station.
  • Made buttons twist charmingly.
  • Partially implemented raycaster.
  • Added gauge.
  • Made buttons treat resolution changes better.
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Bravo, sir! It's been a long and winding road to 0.15, but we're there. Looking forward to the new release schedule as well! It'll give me something to look forward to in the middle of every month. :)

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Wish I could buy it right now, but mah parents won't let me. Time to get a job :P

Looking forward to this game!

Dirkson's "Gopher"