0.3 Changelog

Added in DrMingw, a tool to locate crashes.
Added in Backtrace for linux
Added in some basic OS tools to detect and give me information about crashes.
This build has minor graphical glitches, particularly with other players.
Reduced latency for unreliable packets (Movement, etc).
Added backend code for cursors larger than one block.
Got bsc building with ScrumbleShip.
Added bsc-based save format, halving the data sent across the network.
Made server not send unneeded player location packets.
Fixed memory corruption caused by properly named players on the server.
Fixed flicker when switching ships.
Made server send ships in new bsc-format.
Updated enet to a custom, higher-performance version.
Fixed server bug relating to not closing chunk files.
Fixed several small crashes.
Lightly improved ram usage.
Added a "b" to a portion of code that badly needed a b.
A couple of ships are still not downloading from the server.
The player fire model is still wrong.
Fixed the crashing during ship load
Fixed some ships being uncompressable
Probably reduced ram usage during unzip.
Testing bleeding edge for 3.1 issues
Added opengl debug output
Added option for opengl debug filtering
Applied Garmine's patch for glfw3
Removed errant flag preventing windows version from working
Added glfw debugger
Re-added experimental lighting system, with shadows. Disabled by default.
Included several code cleanups suggested by clang
Updated Makefile to more fully support glfw3
Added Garmine's fxaa patch
Made fxaa default
Made fxaa option save and load
Made gui for fxaa option
Fixes an issue with older save formats
Introduces the concept of save manifests, translations between save formats.
Added connection servicing during ship loading to fix a bug.
Added Garmine's fxaa to credits
Added material locater function
Added a check for graphics blocks in a key section of code.
Added git support (Thanks Yam!)
Added the start of protocol buffer support (Thanks Yam!)
Added various minor changes to support these two changes.
More work on the libuv changeover - This breaks multiplayer
Some work on protocol buffers
Ability to cross compile to mac!
Makefile cleanup and rework
Switchover to Libuv, a different networking layer
Switchover to ProtocolBuffers.
Added player model
Made the server announce player joins
Removed debug code
Made server generate names for unknown players
Fixed bug with ship transfers
Fixed rendering bugs with player model
Fixed reticle alignment issue
Made large blocks align better
Halved the amount of ram in use by unloading graphics data of faraway ships.
Numerous small bugfixes.
Fixed yesterday's performance issues. Probably increased performance, in fact.
Added low resolution rendering of off-screen blocks.
Fixed bug that crashed client when others placed blocks
Fixed bug that crashed client when others deleted blocks
Reduced crashes caused by clients leaving server. (Still happens sometimes)
Fixed several small rare crashes.
Added advanced rotation system for players.
Added rotation for ships.
Reworked the shader. Less lag, but lower framerate.
Improved ship rotation accuracy
Bound ship rotation to 468213 on the numpad
Upgraded to the new threading model
Fixes a few misc issues psyrek pointed out with the windows build.
Adds back in debug code for bleeding edges
Fixes many smaller issues.
Lots of small threading bugfixes
Fixes a shader issue.
Improves my bleeding edge toolchain slightly.
Includes the new compressed filetype for components. Thanks Psyrek!
Lots of threading bugfixes
Lots more threading bugfixes
Minor fixes since last bleeding edge
Lots more threading bugfixes Fixed block component issues
Fixed block rotation issues by reverting SBF reader for the moment
Updated libuv on windows
Lots more threading bugfixes Fixed placing blocks crashing game
Fixed graphical errors while placing/removing blocks.
Fixed reticle not displaying.
Fixed some issues with multiple people on the server at once.
Fixed more issues with multiple people on the server at once.
Fixed reticle issues
Players now display
Fixed a minor windows crash - Thanks Jacob!
Fixed single blocks animating incorrectly.
Fixed users not appearing at their correct locations.
Made player models rotate across the network.
Made player models stop 'shimmering' when they move.
Fixed numerous threading bugs
Made ships load smoothly in the background
Fixed a minor allocation bug. Thanks Walloping!
Fixed transparent blocks rendering as blank
Fixed simple transparency crash
Fixed a lot of transparency rendering issues.
Added transparency to eightcache.
Another possible fix for Walloping's issue. (Sorry Walloping!)
Fixed rapid animations
Fixed dark blocks rendering as full brightness
Fixed numerous threading bugs
Fixed level of detail issues with rotating ships.
Reduced ram usage by at least half by re-introducing shipshell
Moved ship picking to separate thread. (Smooths out movement)
General directory cleanup
Renamed 'config' to 'assets', moved options file into 'config'.
Removed a ton of junk files.
Changed how windows binaries were created - Much smaller now.
Removed deprecated dll
Removed deprecated F12 and deprecated gui buttons
Updated drmingw.
Changed its log directory
Fixed a few minor memory leaks with strdup in the gui.
Switched language array over to a vector
Added automatic suggester to "defaults" in options, and initial loadout, based on cores.
Added potato mode.
Changed clamping to ship from space to Tab.
Made being clamped to a ship update with its rotation and movement
Fixed a few minor threading issues
Fixed block lighting issues
Fixed issue with blocks not fully sending to server
Made ScrumbleShip ask for player name when unknown
Made backend for saving player location on server
Made ship info files more robust (Helps player location saving)
Expanded ship info protobuf (Helps player location saving)
Added ability for server to remember player locations.
Added numerous sounds to backend
Fixed bug with wasd and text input
Added ship steering keys to controls backend
Added various keys to the controls backend
Added a bunch of models to the game:
Added Wazubaba's airtanks.
Added GeneralVonDoom's cash terminal(As a shop).
Added Psyrek's lab as research station.
Added EvilWayne's 4-way pod thrusters.
Added Adrenaline's counter.
Added EvilWayne's wall terminals.
Switched to betaking12's laser.
Switched to Ryulord's storage lockers.
Switched out dsfmt RNG for PCG RNG. (Possibly faster, more secure, and less crashy on windows)
Fixed a small audio memory bug.
Fixed several small threading bugs.
Made very distant ships render as a single voxel
Fixed issue where ships didn't save work when you left them (Thanks Walloping!)
Fixed ships sometimes vanishing
Fixed thin voxel display bug
Fixed minor loading bug.
Added hat models.
Made players move more smoothly.
Added pbt plastic. Made it orange.
Added viewscreen to hat
Added minor visual improvements (Thanks tcc and Walloping!)
Made distant ship rendering degrade faster when too many voxels are on-screen.
Added additional corner pieces.
Fixed issue with new inverse corner bumps
Reworked player/ship collision - You can bump stuff without crashing now.
Fixed issue with server player list
Made ScrumbleShip tell the user when it loses connection to server
Improved tab/shiplock behavior
Updated tutorial, defaulted it to off
Improved ship switcher
Improved collision at very high speeds
Added hazard bar (Furniture).
Added inverted corner curve.
Fixed three minor threading issues.
Added a few old ships to the server.
Made it harder to get stuck in a block.
Allowed players to noclip out if they do get stuck.
Slimmed a few minor structs to conserve memory.
Fixed a rare transparent voxel crash.
Improved ship/player collision
Improved ship/player collision. Except better.
Fixed issues with player movement across ships.
Switched matrixes to doubles, eliminating rotational drift issue
Added enter as an alternative chat-key
Improved ship/player collision detection.
Improved player/ship collision
Added Psyrek's Letters.
Added Wazubaba's ship orientation block
Switched to new, smaller block format.
Fixed high speed frustum culling issues
Cleaned up log spam
Reset all movement threads to 60fps
Increased movement speed slightly
Increased stopping speed
Fixed lighting issues
Connected ship movement to a basic set of keys.
Added some VERY basic physics to ship performance.
Fixed a minor bug with locking to the ship when using a captain's terminal.
Added orientation block reorienting for 4 most common orientations.
Added player-facing error messages for in-game events.
Fixed problem with nagle's algorithm on tcp
Reordered various keypresses to have more consistent behavior.
Cleaned up some general logspam.
Made F2 stats default to off, and save with the options file
Fixed bug where ship would rotate when taking control.
Made chat text hide after a few seconds.
Made more of the UI hide when piloting a ship.
Made ship names display only when displaying fps
Made ships bounce on their bounding boxes
Fixed numerous small threading bugs
Fixed ship movement flicker
Gave thrusterpods some marginal skew power
Fixed another ship flicker issue
Adjusted rocket thrust
Fixed more small threading errors
Fixed issue where piloting unclamped you from ship
Added server command /die to respawn you.
Fixed rotation frustum cull regression
Improved ship jittering when flying
Added a button to spawn a new ship
Improved Player/Ship collisions, particularly against thin blocks and corners.
Fixed a crash when ships were moving at speed.
Reduced ship/ship collision workload
Fixed a few minor threading issues
Fixed a crash with handheld laser/freevoxels.
Fixed issue with build modes
Fixed issue with reticle vanishing
Fixed new ship requests
Improved tutorial Fixed minor movement issue
Fixed bug where player could appear at wrong location
Potential fix for rare ship switch issue
Actual fix for rare ship switch issue
Fixed up F7/F8 and control+F7/F8, just for fun
Improved bugfix for ship switch issue
Minor threading fixed concerning block deletions
Fixed ship rotation bug
Made ship movement transmit across the network.
Minor threading fixes.
Fixed crash with reticle and collision
Added speed/location data to F2
Disabled nagle's algorithm to work around problem
Fixed numerous small threading issues
Fixed viewport being distorted by rotating ships
Fixed crash upon using /die
Improved rotation
Swapped default mouse inversion setting.
Increased TCP max packet size
Fixed player spawn location being unrotated in the ship.